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Perception Gallery
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Perception Gallery
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Perception Gallery
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Perception Gallery

Perception is the understanding of the world through the constant interaction of the sense organs. Early experiences, learning emotions and motivations are important in defining what and how we perceive the world in our life. The information gathered by our sense organs from the surroundings is processed by the brain thereby giving a clear understanding of the world.

In this process we experience colours, tastes, sounds ad make a variety of observations as we grow up. Science provides immense opportunities for the children to satisfy their curiosity and add to their experience and make them more ingenious to interact with their surroundings.

Touching one object and many objects at a time give different experience altogether, as the brain always relies on previous experiences. Texture, sharpness, hot and cold, all are touch experiences. In nature, we, come across an enormous variety of shapes and sizes both regular and irregular. But many are combinations of unique lines, triangles, curves or circles.

Pin Screen provides a peculiar experience-explore and gets excited, Why do we have two eyes? Two eyes give us the perception of depth. When two objects slightly apart are viewed with one eye, provide a similar experience?

Make a soap film as big as you can. Why the film stays between the guide ropes when the bar is lifted from soap solution and the film breaks when you blow air? colour is the most fascinating perception but how colour shadows are formed? How coloured lights could bleach colours?

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